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Q1: What is a web host?

A1: They are businesses that store your website on their servers. When somebody goes to visit your website, their browser retrieves your site from your web host's servers.

Q2: Who do you recommend as a web host?

A2: I recommend that you useGoDaddyas a web host for your site. I use them exclusively and they have good customer service.

Q3: What is a domain name?

A3: It is the "address" for your website. If somebody types your domain name into their browser, the browser will take them to your website.

Q4: What is the best domain for my site?

A4: Firstly, the domain name should end in ".com" or ".ca", secondly the domain name should be short (no more than 10 to 15 characters), thirdly, the domain should be easy to read and remember. Try to avoid putting "-" in your domain. Ideally, your domain name should be quick and easy to type into your browser.

Q5: What is a "favicon?"

A5: It is an icon or image that appears beside your title in the browser's webpage tab. Also, if you save your site to your computer desktop or the home screen on your cell phone then the favicon will appear above the name of your site.

Q6: What is hand-coding?

A6: Hand-coding is where you manually type up the website code in an HTML text editor. As opposed to "generating" the website using a website builder. I prefer to hand-code as it is easier to get the site perfect!

Q7: What is an SSL Certificate?

A7: Now every website MUST have an SSL certificate. They encrypt the communication between the server and the user’s web browser. If you want any hope of appearing at the top of the search results, you need one. Website URLs that have SSL start with "https://" as opposed to "http://"

Q8: What is SEO?

A8: This refers to doing stuff that helps your website to appear on the first page of the search results. Those are the websites that receive the greatest amount of visitors. Hardly anyone will go beyond the first page of the search results. That is a mistake though, as there are tons of awesome websites on the 2nd and 3rd pages of the results.

Q9: What is the difference between a "website" and a "web page?"

A9: A web page is a single document while a website consists of a bunch of web pages. A website includes every single page stored on your domain.

Q10: What is HTML?

A10: HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

Q11: Do you make corporate websites?

A11: No. I don't make large websites.

Q12: Do you use WordPress to make websites?

A12: No I don't. I prefer to hand-code my websites.

Q13: How long will it take you to make my website?

A13: That depends on the size and complexity of your website. If you are the only client I am currently working with, then you can expect me to be fairly quick in doing your website. Please note that you need to quickly provide me with the text, photos, and other content for your site. If you don't provide me with that stuff fast, it will take longer for me to design your website. So basically, if you are slow I will be slow.

Q14: Will I be able to update my website once you are finished making it?

A14: As I don't use WordPress, I recommend that you pay me to make updates to your site. To update your site yourself, you would need to know HTML5 and CSS3 and maybe even JavaScript.

Q15: When do I pay you for making my site?

A15: You pay me $110 upfront, which is 5 hours of work, and the rest weekly until your site is completed. If I am making an update to your site you can pay me weekly after the update is completed.

Q16: Who writes the copy/text for my website?

A16: Usually that would be up to you or you could pay a professional writer to make your content. Sometimes I will contribute some of your content, although that is not my specialty. You must agree that I am not responsible for creating your copy/text. However, I may make some suggestions for you.

Q17: What are the most common pages to put on a website?

A17: Home, About Us, Services, Products, Store, Location(s), Portfolio, Gallery, Blog, Reviews, Testimonials, Links, FAQ, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Careers, etc...

Q18: Is it easy to get listed on the first page of Google's search results?

A18: Unfortunately for most businesses it is difficult to get listed this well. There are four secrets to success:
Find a niche in the market.
Offer top-quality content on your website.
Use very good SEO techniques.
Advertise your business/website.

Q19: Who will own my domain name?

A19: You will own the domain name. You are responsible to pay for the domain registration yourself.

Q20: Will you meet with me face to face?

A20: No. Because of Covid and other reasons, I am unable to meet with you face to face. Perhaps we could chat via ZOOM or by phone.

Q21: Can we chat before starting the project?

A21: Yes. We should chat online using ZOOM. We can discuss your hopes for your website, and also which pages you would like on your site.

Q22: How do we communicate during the design process?

A22: We can talk via ZOOM, e-mail, and phone. I will make changes to your site, and then post the changes to a secret location for you to review. We can then look at your site and discuss your desired changes.

Q23: What do you need me to give to you?

A23: You need to provide me with:
 • Photos of you and your staff
 • Photos of your workplace
 • Other photos
 • Images
 • Copy/Text
 • PDFs
 • Videos
 • Your contact info: Name, email, phone, cell, mailing address.

Q24: What if I don't like the business logos you have designed for me?

A24: If you are not happy with them, then you don't have to pay me the fee. Once you are satisfied, then you have to pay me. After that, I will email you all your logo image files in various sizes. You will get a PDF version, JPEG in various sizes, and PNG in various sizes.

Q25: Will you make me a business logo and/or business card for FREE?

A25: You must pay me. However, if you pay me to make you a website then I will make you a business logo and/or business cards for FREE!

All prices in CDN dollars.
Web Design $22/hour
Budget Business Logo Design $22 each
Business Card Design $10 each
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