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To Do List for Your Website
To Do List for Your Website

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To Do List
  1. Use my "Starting a Business in Canada"Checklist.

  2. Decide the topic of your desired website.

  3. Find a niche in the market or innovate a new idea.

  4. Is there a market for your idea?

  5. Research your prospective competitors.

  6. Pick a greatdomain nameand buy it on a yearly basis.

  7. Pick a name for your business and register it.

  8. Discuss the size of your website in pages.

  9. Make a list of the pages and their topics.

  10. Pick keywords you want to rank for in Google and Bing.

  11. Plan the website's content and structure.

  12. Pick your favoritefontsfor your website.

  13. Choose your favouritecolour combosfor your website.

  14. Create a business logo if you don't have one.

  15. Give me a PNG and PDF of your business logo.

  16. Provide me with the copy/text.

  17. Provide me with photos, audio, and video files.

  18. I will make your website and do SEO on it at the same time.

  19. You must pay forweb hostingand SSL for your website.

  20. Create social media accounts for your business/website.

  21. You must pay to advertise onGoogleandMicrosoft.

  22. You must pay to advertise using other methods:

  23. Submit Your Business to Business Profile Sites:

All prices in CDN dollars.
Web Design $22/hour
Budget Business Logo Design $22 each
Business Card Design $10 each
Payment Methods

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