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Welcome to Eldaha Technologies, owned by me, Gregory Robinson. I specialize in web design and SEO as well as inventing products and creating innovations. I am diagnosed with paraplegia and schizophrenia. Because of my mental illness, I am no longer taking on new clients. Doing websites for other people massively aggravates my mental health. From now on, the only websites I will create are my own, if even that. For the most part I have stopped working on my own personal websites as well. I will just be doing minor updates once in a while.
About Gregory
Gregory Robinson I am a disabled (paraplegic) web design and SEO specialist located in Victoria, Canada. I have been disabled for over 20 years. They say I have an "incomplete" injury which means I am still able to walk. Victoria has been my home for most of my life as I was born here. I have been a web designer since the 1990s making websites for clients, as a volunteer, and for myself. I am completely self-taught using online teaching websites, books, and YouTube. My specialty is in hand-coding web pages using my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I am also a Christian and a man of God believing the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus).

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Cell: 1-778-678-3554

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